Enclosures and Fuel Tanks


Size Description Ref.#


Sound Attenuated Enclosures rated @ 85dba @ 10', and 2000 Gallon Fuel Tanks designed for a 1500 KW Caterpillar 3512 Diesel Generator Sets (Not included). Each is equipped in the following manner: Intake and Exhaust Baffles, Intake Motorized Louvers, Gravity Exhaust Louvers, Battery Chargers, Interior lighting Distribution  Panel,  and Electrical Receptacles. There are 2 Enclosures and  Fuel Tanks available at this time. Each has a 2000 Gallon Base Fuel Tank equipped in the following manner: 8" Emergency Vent Lines, 1 1/2" Normal Vent Lines, Lifting Lugs, 12" x 27 1/2" Stub up area, and a Secondary Containment area. Drawings available on request. Price does not include any exhaust systems.

Price Each Enclosure & Tank:  $7,500.00 





250kW Enclosure


24 Hour 439 Gallon Double Wall Base Fuel Tank a low profile double wall tank, designed for the footprint of the Sound Attenuated Enclosure listed below, with the following footprint dimensions. 84" W x 240" L x 12" H. Comes with a matching Sound Attenuated Drop Over Type Enclosure, 68/72dba @ 7 meters. All components mounted on a standard steel skid. Enclosure has 3 foot baffles on either end of enclosure for sound reduction, with fixed louvers on either end of Enclosure. Outside Dimensions of Enclosure: 84" W x 240" L x 104" H. House and tank were designed for a Cummins 250 KW Genset. Will also fit other sizes as well with similar footprint. See attached drawings.  3 packages are available.   $17,500.00

Custom Built Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Enclosures are available as well as UL142 and UL2085  Stand alone or Base Fuel Tank application.